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Jobs, quests & missions Edit

Monsters warning!! Edit

  • Large host of gnolls seen north of Stones Deeping.
  • Beware the followers of the demon lord to the north.
  • Beware werewolves on the planes north-east of orcs/forest.
  • Watch out for the large encampment of giants 2nd mountain above the mine.
  • Gnolls have been seen running north on opposite side of river.
  • Orcs have been found to the north! Beware all who travel there, they apparently have tamed large wolves to ride and move with suddenness.

Various Discoveries Edit

  • They apparently were killed =(.
  • .
  • There is a carrion crawler in the area. It is harmless to the living and will only clean up after our battles so please leave it alone. Do not approach as it may distress the creature.
  • Do not harm pink winged kobold! He is imporant for future trade agreements between the pink kobolds and Disangis.
  • Friendly gnome to the south close to the mountains, gave out free apples that make you feel great!

Market info Edit

  • Selling some pristine lycanthropy cure ingredients for alchemists come see Faro, at the Midshipman, preferably between sets.
  • A badly scarred dwarf merchant, new in town, has heard that there are gnolls to the east. He is paying 5 gold per pair of gnoll ears brought to him.
  • 1 x potion of waterbreathing, new and unused, great for breathing water! Only 250gp See Gorak at the Midshipman for more information.
  • Prichard's Goods will pay 10 gold per manticore spike or wyvern talon in good condition. They can be found nesting in the mountains.

Local Notices Edit

  • Bearded Bachelor Bernard Penngrove will Identify your items for a mere 110 Gold Pieces. Contact Alfred for details. <3
  • The ADVENTURE! Guild is open to recruits! All who seek adventure and honor Disangis may join. We share all of our wealth distributing it among all members who join! Currently working on expanding our guild hall! (Bartender Wanted)- Strom
  • Beware the Furious Five (Wyvern Slayers): Rattletrap, Peregrin, Feng, Kruum, Cully!

Old notices Edit

  • Adventurers beware of . (Some problems take care of themselves - Cully)

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