• Forgotten Realms pantheon + whatever else you want.
  • Giving advice is fine, telling someone else how to play is not.
  • No bigoted statements against other players. PC to PC or PC to NPC is fine.


  • Long Rests provide 1 full HD + CON of healing, so if you have D10 HD and a CON of 14, you will get 12 HP back on a Long Rest.
  • Long Rests outside of town do not regenerate HD.
  • Lingering Injuries will be used for critical hits and 0 HP.
  • Ammo, Food/Ration, and Encumbrance tracking.
  • No Heavy Armor Master feat.
  • Splint Mail provides 1 DR against slashing, bludgeoning, piercing.
  • Full Plate provides 2 DR against slashing, bludgeoning, piercing.
  • Armor weights are reduced by 1/2 for small-sized PCs.
  • Climb onto a Bigger Creature, Shove Aside, Disarm, Tumble, and Overrun Action Options can be used. Any action that duplicates a class feature will always be strictly inferior to it.

Inspiration Rules:

  • Once per long rest, one player can play out a short, 1-2 minute scene that reveals more about their character to the other players. The scene can be a flashback to their past, something that happened at the same time as other events in the adventure, or something happening right now. The player describing this scene gains Inspiration.
  • After the scene, players may ask the scene’s describer for more information. The describer may answer one of the questions which will grant the person whose question they answered Inspiration.

Experience awarded for:

  • Discovery. Could be a landmark, place, magic item, secret door, enemy, or a new situation.
  • Exploration. Could be anything such as delving into an ancient ruin or finding out more about the tribe you ran into.
  • Combat. Lose, win, or run away, if you survive, you benefit.
  • Resolving issues (problems, puzzles, mysteries). Perhaps you finally figure out how to get into the treasure room of the flooded temple.
  • Sharing information with players who were not in the session. This can be updating a communal map, putting a posting on the town message board, or telling all who will listen down at the tavern about your exploits/discoveries.

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