This is a West Marches style campaign. The current frontier is the rebuilt town of Disangis (Last Stone in the old tongue), a place where many have gathered to make fortunes or change their fate.

West Marches basics:

  • Each session is a one-shot adventure.
  • There is town where resting, socializing, buy and selling happens, and the wilderness where the adventure/reward is.
  • There is no set adventuring party.
  • There is no set story.
  • The PCs are expected to drive everything that happens, not the DM.
  • The DM's role is to play the impartial world that reacts to the characters.
  • Sharing information (communal map, monster location, dungeon traps, etc) is a critical part of surviving in the frontier.

Session info:

  • There is no set day when we play.
  • Sessions will be at least 3 hours long.
  • A DM will post their availability ahead of time.
  • Of the people who respond, the longer they've gone without playing determines their priority. So a player who hasn't played in a week gets priority over the player who played yesterday.
  • Once the group is set, the players MUST determine where they are going ahead of time and post it in the thread to give the DM time to prepare.
  • At the end of a session you are returned to town, you are charged 1 gold per mile returning to town.

Character creation details:

  • All backgrounds, races, classes, feats, multi-classing, and spells from all official material (including errata, Unearthed Arcana only with my okay).
  • Custom backgrounds are allowed but must be approved.
  • Use point buy (27 points) for Attributes.

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